Your one of a kind multi-colored Beer Mug is made using traditional old world techniques and the latest in dichroic technology.  Hand blown at temperatures of up to 2200 degrees.  They are individually crafted to fit your hand and guaranteed to enhance the flavor of your favorite ale.
Please DO NOT use with any HOT LIQUIDS
Treat your mug like Grandma's fine china.

Blue Light Blue Mug
Blue with Light blue lip wrap.
Purple Mug
Purple with silver/yellow lip wrap.
Beach Mug
Blue/gray swirl on top, sandy beach on bottom with gold/pink lip wrap.
Rawsta Mug
Red/Green/Yellow (Rawsta Colors) twisted stripes with Red lip wrap.
Green Yellow Mug
Green with Yellow lip wrap. Go Ducks!
Orange Black Mug
Orange/Black twisted stripes with Black lip wrap
Chew um up Beavers!
Blue Dicro Mug
Blue background, Dichroic swirl with Silver/Yellow lip wrap
Purple Dicro Mug
Purple background, Dichroic swirl with Silver/Yellow lip wrap
Frog Mug
16 to 20 oz.